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5 Quick Ways to Hit Longer Drives

Everybody wants that quick tip, that lightbulb moment that unlocks 10 extra yards without a drop of sweat beading from your brow. And you need them fast, because the season is upon you and you’re fed up being out-driven off every tee.

Well we feel your pain, and so we’ve compiled this list of five realistic ways you can hit the ball longer this weekend. They won’t all work for you, but hopefully two or three will be enough to add some yards to your shots and put a spring in your step.

TIP 1 – Tee the ball higher

I see many golfers using modern, large-headed drivers with a tee that is simply too short for the job. A tee that is too short will mean that the ball will not strike the center part of the golf club. Teeing the ball higher will help you to find that point, resulting in more distance.

TIP 2 – Swing it smoother

This may seem contradictory, but if you are trying to lash the ball down the middle of the fairway then you are wasting more energy than you are delivering to the ball. Energy loss, due to the bodies desire to remain in control, is huge in most amateur golfer’s swings. Swinging the club more smoothly, not necessarily slower, will result in more shots from the center of the club and more distance.

TIP 3 – Shorten you swing

If you are a slicer, the chance that your swing is too long is huge, make it shorter, maintain your shoulder rotation, but do not let your hands and arms travel further than the turn of the body. Creating a more compact golf swing will increase your efficiency and a more efficient swing will result in longer and straighter drivers.

TIP 4 – Finish your swing

The importance of balance is paramount to increasing distance. If you are not moving through impact with your body in balance you will be losing power. Even more damaging is a swing that doesn´t have the momentum to reach a full finish. A lot of people mistake this as wrapping the club around your neck, as you see the pros on TV do, a full finish will see your chest pointing straight down the target line. It is the momentum that sees you through to a finish so relax and stop trying to over control your game.

TIP 5 – Check your shaft

So many golfers have the wrong shaft fitted in their clubs, and this can be robbing you of precious yards. Go and get your swing checked and your clubs fitted by a recommended club fitter. But be sure to go more than once, to account for any swing variations from one round to the next. We are not machines and one fitting is not sufficient to correctly identify the correct shaft (this applies to handicaps of 5 and above). The correct shaft may be a flex lighter than you currently have, helping you to create extra club head speed through the impact zone.

Longer drives are in reach for everybody, the time it takes and the work you have to put in will be different for each person, but we can all find a few extra yards.

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  1. Thank you for these tips, they make wonderful sense. I will use these tips this summer, wish me luck…..

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