An Open Letter to the Ryder Cup Venue Selection Committee
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An Open Letter to the Ryder Cup Venue Selection Committee

Dear Ryder Cup Venue Selection Committee:

To the best of my knowledge golf’s greatest rivalry has only met two times in Southern California.  The Ryder Cup has been played since 1927 and sadly this ultimate tournament only graced our presence down here in our corner of the United States back in the 50’s!

The Midwest and Northeast have dominated the stateside venues for the last 60 years and are already slated for future events.  I want to make a pitch and plea to those responsible for selection to get the Ryder Cup action back to the Southwest.

Have you ever noticed that when the PGA Tour rolls through the West Coast, namely Southern California, it’s early in the year and for whatever spectacular reason Mother Nature likes to fool the rest of the world into thinking we have crummy weather.  I can’t remember an event at Torrey Pines that hasn’t been shrouded in thick ocean air and fog, rain, or extreme winds.  It’s been a handful of years to say the least.  That being said, in all reality our weather is perfect 98.7426% of the year and the fall is absolutely the most beautiful time of the year.


An Open Letter to the Ryder Cup Venue Selection Committee


Ryder Cup officials and selection committee, if you want to provide unbelievable sunsets, scenery, weather that is pure perfection, and an unbelievable crowd of golf nuts lucky enough to golf all year round then I beg of you to find a course along our coast once again.

2024 isn’t far off and we’ll sit patiently, crossing our fingers, and hoping you lock down one of our premier SOCAL golf courses!

In the meantime, we’ll be glued to our televisions and mobile devices catching as much action as we can.

Go Team USA!



SOCAL Golfer, on behalf of all Southern Californian golfers




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