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Course manager credited with saving teen’s life after cart crash

Henrietta Assistant Fire Chief Mark Cholach says there is no doubt about it: ‘’This absolutely could have been a fatal incident.”

Monday evening, Jimmy Demino, the manager of Riverton Golf Club, learned from a frantic parent that two teenage golfers had crashed their cart.

“He said his son called him, and they had driven off the path and were stuck,” said Demino.

He went out into the pouring rain, searching, and found the teen pinned between a large tree and a golf cart.

“Part of the cart smashed off, and so did the steering wheel,” he said. “That probably slowed it down enough so he didn’t get crushed. The tree was on his chest and his head was behind the seat.”

Demino acted quickly to rescue the teen, who was having some difficulty breathing. His son, James, also helped.

“I think my dad had a calming effect, because he took charge. He kept me calm and told me what to do,” said James.

Demino attached a cable from his work vehicle to the cart that was pinning the teen and, together, father and son were able to move the cart about a foot – just enough room for the teen to slip out.

“Once I saw the kid in the position he was in, nothing else mattered but to get him out of there as safe as possible,” said Demino.

Now, the Henrietta Fire Department says it plans to give Demino a plaque for his heroism. Demino says it’s a better feeling than a hole-in-one.

“Just happy everyone went home safe and his mom got to hug him and kiss him and put him to bed that night,” he said.

The teen was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and is doing okay.

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