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Entertaining? Disappointing? See what golf fans had to say about The Match

The long-anticipated Match was decisively won by Brooks Koepka, but was it an enjoyable watch for golf fans at home?

We have now seen five editions of The Match and the showdown between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau was arguably the one people were the most excited for.

The feud between the American pair ignited the public interest in 2021, but by the time each player teed off at The Wynn Golf Club yesterday, most golf fans were tired of it.

But whether there was genuine tension or if both golfers just stoked the fire for their own publicity benefit, it was great to see them settle it on the course and there were fun moments during The Match last night.

Phil Mickelson, who shared the commentary booth with NBA legend Charles Barkley, predicted that DeChambeau would win. As Koepka surged ahead he said to Lefty: “How you feeling about your prediction right now?”

When Koepka went dormie four up in Las Vegas, Dechambeau said: “Where was this on the PGA Tour?” So there were moments of entertainment and the engagement we all wanted, with Koepka also admitting to being impressed by DeChambeau’s long game.

However, there will have been many golf fans who did not tune in to a minute of last night’s broadcast, as the nature of the event didn’t appeal to every golf fan and every demographic.

There were criticisms aimed at the course itself and also the production of The Match. There were also suggestions that the players barely conversed and that the pairs format of previous years works better.

So all in all a mixed bag of opinions which is what you see below with the following fans tweets:


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