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Guy flips a golf tee into a liquor bottle pourer spout

Boredom is a real (minuscule) problem for a lot of people right now, and they’re trying to come up with ways to pass the endless hours spent at home.

And that’s how you wind up, like this guy did, sitting in your living room, with a dog bed littered with golf tees, trying to toss a tee into a pourer spout you’d find on a bottle of liquor at a bar or on a bottle of olive oil at an Italian restaurant.

After God-knows-how-many tries, our man gets the job done.

Our friend looks sober as he’s doing this, which is kind of remarkable that he conceived of — and then achieved — this with a clear mind.

This could, of course, be the 1,000th try, too. Or 10,000th. This could take longer to do than a 2,500-piece jigsaw puzzle. And there’s no way I’m doing that, quarantine or not.

However, after clearly convincing himself this was something worth doing and going all in on trying to do it, the celebration for the moment of glory is to be expected. The generic “Let’s go!” isn’t particularly inspiring, but hey, the guy did what he set out to do.

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