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How to create backspin with your chip shots

When it comes to the short game, backspin isn’t always wanted as it is difficult to control. However, with some courses raised, undulated fast greens it is easy to have the golf ball gain momentum and keep rolling. Being able to land the golf ball and stop it quickly will help the players when stuck in some tricky situations around the greens when getting it close looks impossible.

There are a few factors that you need to be aware of in order to help you create backspin.

  1. Loft – The more loft we have, the more spin we create so if you want spin, use your most lofted club! Many tour pros will carry up to 4 wedges with a 60 degree being there most lofted.
  2. Speed – The more speed you create, the more spin you create. But be aware when it comes to short game that as you increase speed, controlling distance becomes harder.
  3. Contact – Making a solid contact will help ensure you create as much spin as possible.

Many of you hear that in order to create spin, you need to hit down on the golf ball. This is somewhat misleading and results in golfers moving the ball too far back in the stance and leaning the shaft too far forward. Although this will help you hit down, it reduces the loft you create at impact and therefore reduces backspin.

To solve this just follow these three simple steps:

1. Set the club shaft in a neutral position at address and lean your body slightly towards the target to ensure you use the loft on the club.

2. Place the ball in the center of the stance to help create a more consistent strike and approach angle.

3. Take practice swings next to the ball, brushing the spot where you imagine the ball to be. This will help create the feeling of the correct strike point below the ball.

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