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How to Hit Long Irons

Learn how to use your long irons if you want to really up your golf game.

Long irons are some of the toughest clubs for amateurs to hit. One of the biggest problems people encounter when trying to hit them successfully is the misconception of what makes a good long iron shot.

Here are a few things to remember that will help you nail those shots. As courses get longer, hitting consistently is a must. Players on Tour will certainly benefit from skillfully using their long irons.

  • Remember that long irons still have plenty of loft. It is important to concentrate on “striking” the ball rather than “scooping” it.
  • It is critical to hit the ball solid with your long irons. Consider adjusting your stance so that the ball is slightly forward. This helps to ensure that your motion sweeps instead of digs.
  • Using a longer club creates the tendency of a harder swing. It is important to create effortless club head speed with your long iron swings. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to use power alone to move the ball long distances.
  • Practice a few simple drills regularly to improve your long iron play – you won’t get much better at hitting your 5 iron if you only practice with your 9 iron. Get used to how the club feels.
  • Practice swinging with your right arm only. This will create a swing path and allow you to strike the ball more consistently.
  • Take about a 75% backswing, accelerate through the ball, and finish your follow-through at 50%. This will create greater club head speed through the hitting zone, rather than using energy on a long follow-through after the ball has been struck.
  • Take some drop swings: After you’ve raised your club, relax your arms so that the club arcs down naturally to hit the ball, as opposed to trying to muscle your way through the shot.

Try these drills and you’ll see positive results soon. Good luck!

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Here’s a great video that explains the drop swing technique.

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