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Koepka Pokes Fun At Bubba

What would pro golfers do without caddies? It sounds crazy, but this is a legitimate question in 2020.

Speaking on the Dan Patrick Show, Brooks Koepka was asked about the possibility of carrying his own bag during a tournament to reduce the number of people on the golf course.

“It’d be interesting,” Koepka said. “It would actually be a lot of fun just to watch some of these guys attempt to carry their own bag. I don’t think some of them have ever picked up their bag in their life.”

Patrick then pressed Brooks to call out a player who might struggle without a caddie carrying his bag.

“I actually don’t think Bubba would make it. Bubba would be complaining how heavy the bag is the entire time,” Koepka said. “I love the guy, but there’s no way he makes it around 18 holes with that bag.”

AHHH that’s the good stuff! Brooks did say Bubba is “a good dude deep down,” but still… this is the content we NEED during this quarantine!

Brooks also said he plans to be at Colonial next month if it’s played as scheduled.

“Whenever that first tournament is, I’m going to be there. I’m going to be ready. It’s just exciting to have something to look forward to.”

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