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NFL quarterback uses well-known golf accessory during unusual pre-game warmup

Prior to the Houston Texans’ week 11 win against the Arizona Cardinals, star rookie quarterback went through an interesting warmup routine that included some peculiar equipment including a basketball and a well-known golf accessory.

As you can see from the video, Stroud uses the Orange Whip Trainer, a swing aid accessory used by plenty of PGA Tour pros to help them train their swing “to stay on plane, balanced, and in rhythm.”

A user called “Hsg087” on X commented:

“Drive, touch, hand eye coordination are being practiced in these warm ups. Makes a lot of sense to [to be honest].”

The routine is seemingly working for Stroud, who is the odds-on favorite to be the NFL’s Rookie of the Year and had led the Texans to a 5-5 record through ten games this season after the team went 3-13-1 in 2022-2023.


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