One Small Change to Improve Your Golf Swing
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One Small Change to Improve Your Golf Swing

There is one thing that so many of us do that sends our golf ball slicing to the right, hooking to the left, sculled across the green, dribbled inches down the fairway, or sadly resulting in a complete whiff.   That one thing is so incredibly hard to overcome because, well, it’s hard not to get excited.  As a golfer, there is so much joy in a great golf shot… but I’m going to teach you one small change to add to your pre-shot routine in order to reduce the embarrassing mishaps and at least give yourself a shot at a good shot.


One Small Change to Improve Your Golf Swing


I’ll start with this… what came first, the chicken or the egg?  Can you throw a ball before catching it?  With the same logic there is no way you can have a good golf shot (short of a miracle) if you don’t hit the ball first.

Before each golf swing (from the tee box to the green and everywhere in between) simply say to yourself, “I will not look.”  This should become your mantra.  I will not look.  I will not look until I’m in my follow through and finished with my swing.

Let me point out that I am NOT saying or suggesting to keep your head down.  Keeping your head down can actually force your swing to lose out on the ability to rotate properly with good swing mechanics.  What I’m speaking to is your eyes and the cheating glance because you are so excited to see where your ball has gone.  Simply put, there is no point looking for beautiful ball flight if you don’t hit the ball well first.


One Small Change to Improve Your Golf Swing


Step up to the ball.  Say it in your head or out loud, “I will not look.”  Take your shot.  …and only after you’ve made contact with your ball look to see where the ball has gone.  Focus on your swing and the connection with the ball first and foremost before wandering your eyes to see the beauty of its flight.

Try it!  Hold that follow through and watch the ball in all its glory!


One Small Change to Improve Your Golf Swing


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