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Peyton Manning Roasts Tom Brady for His “B&E Arrest” Ahead of Their Golf Match With Tiger and Phil

The golf trash talk has already started, The Match – Champions For Charity is expected to be the biggest event on the sporting calendar since the sporting world shut down on March 12.

Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady will take on Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning at the Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida on May 24th.

The first nine holes will be a best-ball format while the back nine will be played as a two-man modified alternate shot.

Unlike the first go-around when Mickelson beat Woods to win nine million dollars on pay per view, this event will be free to watch on TBS and TNT.

The players will not have caddies, instead, they will be isolated to their own golf carts and as expected, there will be no spectators in attendance.

All four competitors will make a group donation of 10 million dollars with funds going towards coronavirus relief efforts as well as the All In Challenge – an initiative that is providing food to those in need. The foursome will also be partaking in on-course competitive challenges that will go towards certain charities.

Golf Trash Talk

As mentioned earlier, the trash-talking has already begun. On a recent video stream, Mickelson was quick to show Woods the trophy from the original match as well as a photo of Woods putting The Masters Green Jacket on MicGolf kelson following the 2006 Masters Tournament.

Woods responded in remarkable fashion –

“Hold on one second,” Woods said. “I just got out of the ice bath.”

He proceeded to grab the Green Jacket that he won in 2019 in an attempt to warm himself up.

The conversation went up another notch when Manning started speaking.

“Of course, you know, the course had to be in Florida,” Manning said. “After Tom’s B&E arrest and the ankle monitor he couldn’t leave the state, so it had to be in Florida. Tiger and I spoke with the Sherrif in Florida and he is going to be allowed to go to Palm Beach to play,” Manning added.

The entire stream, which goes over 20 minutes in length, is worth the watch. See it below.

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