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The 15 Points Chipping Drill & Game

The 15 points chipping drill & game is an intense chipping drill that works great for all level of golfers. The 15 points chipping drill is a short game drill in which you will require five golf balls to practice effectively. Once you have the five balls, choose a location around the practice green from which you will chip.

This technique helps you not only to improve at golfing but also allows you to master different techniques of chipping and scoring. It is useful for every golfer who wants to learn various scoring techniques while playing golf.


  1. Pick three holes that you deem can be considered as easy, medium, and challenging to chip too.
  2. Chip all the selected five balls to the easy hole first and record your score within 5 feet of the cup. Each successful chip inside 5 feet scores a point.
  3. Repeat this step for the medium and also hard locations while tracking your score.
  4. Now sum up your 15 chips and see how you scored out of 15
  5. If your score is 10, you are doing better. Any score below 10 indicates poor performance given your golfing history and this means you should repeat the procedures until you can score above 10.

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