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The 20 most annoying things that golfers do on the course

Golf is a strange but wonderful game, full of rules both written and unwritten. The ability to navigate those waters determines whether you’re a good playing partner or not, which is arguably an even more desirable status than your ability to play the game itself. If you’re a pleasant person to play with, you’ll find yourself getting all the fancy invites.

Then there’s the other side. We asked some our members for the most annoying things that their playing partners do on the golf course. The comments poured in. So the next time you find yourself wondering why you’re not getting asked to play more by your buddies, give this list a good look, and ask yourself: Am I that guy or gal?

1. Not fixing your divots and or ball marks
It really is the least you can do.

2. Saying “get left” when the ball is clearly slicing
Understand ball flight, people! If a ball is carving out to the right, there’s no chance of it getting left, so don’t pretend like there is.

3. Not picking up on bad holes
Have some awareness. If it’s taking you eight shots to get to the green, don’t slow the whole group down and make them watch all that. Pick up your ball, sit this one out, and move on.

4. Taking way too many practice swings … only to top the ball 10 feet
Don’t be that guy. If you’re going to have a long pre-shot routine, you better hit it good.

5. Talking too much
In the words of one of our members: “If you’re some random I’ve been paired with, take the hint, shut the heck up.”

6. Always on the phone
Again, don’t be that guy. If you need to take a call on the course, it had better be an emergency.

7. Coaching too much
Giving advice on the golf course is an art. If you haven’t mastered it, stay away.

8. Standing over the ball forever
Standing over the ball for a long time is annoying for golfers at every level, so don’t do it.

9. Bragging about good rounds during their bad rounds
We’ve all played with the guy who tells you they shot even par last week, even though they’re 10 over through 10 holes on their current round.

10. Providing constant commentary on their game
Dude, we don’t care.

11. Looking at putts from every angle
You’re not a Tour pro, so don’t act like one. Read your putt quickly, and commit. You’ll probably make more that way anyway.

12. Talking when people are getting ready to hit
It all rolls up into one thing: Be considerate of others.

13. Having someone tell you hit a great shot when you know that it wasn’t
Don’t patronize my golf game!

14. Waiting for the green to clear on a par 4 when they have no chance of driving it
Another golden rule: You’re not a tour pro, so don’t act like one.

15. Looking for your ball 50 yards ahead of where it actually is
Have some awareness. If you hit a drive 280 yards once, it doesn’t mean you hit 280-yard drives all the time.

16. ‘Miraculously’ finding your ball every time
Cheating, in other words. Don’t cheat.

17. Talking to other people’s balls
Leave me and my golf ball alone to sort out our own issues.

18. Late for tee times
One of golf’s cardinal rules: Don’t run so late that your playing partners have to start worrying.

19. Fishing for golf balls
We’re playing golf, not hunting for golf balls.

20. Hitting in to the group in front of you and or not carrying about the group behind you
Again, It all rolls up into one thing: Be considerate of others.

Leave a comment below and let us know your biggest pet-peeves on the golf course!

16 thoughts on “The 20 most annoying things that golfers do on the course

  1. blank

    Don’t mind a little music on the course but hate when people are blasting it way too loud!

    1. blank

      Yes! Most of us are out here to enjoy conversation and the sounds of nature. For serious players the sound of impact is a very important feedback tool.

  2. blank

    Nothing drives me more nuts than someone teeing off from the tips and should clearly be playing whites! Trust me, you’re not as good as you think you are and might even enjoy the game more when playing from the right tee box.

    1. blank

      Couldn’t agree more!

    2. blank

      Perfectly stated!

    3. blank

      People spitting sun flower seeds on the greens. Not raking the traps.

  3. blank

    Not playing ready golf, nothing worse than loosing sight of the group in front of you and looking back and seeing groups backing up. It doesn’t matter whether you’re walking or riding. If you are riding don’t just sit in the cart (passenger) and wait for your playing partner to hit then be driven to your ball 20 feet away. With COVID-19 this is likely not an issue as carts are now being assigned to each player (if available). If you’re walking don’t leave your bag in a location where you have to walk backwards after putting out.

  4. blank

    Guys that throw clubs, whack at tee markers, and otherwise damage the course out of anger.

  5. blank
    H. Michael Vreeburg

    Getting mad and loud about your bad shoots
    Having a bad golf temper makes it no fun for anyone

  6. blank

    Forgot one…….driving up to the tee box when you’re teeing off.

  7. blank

    New trend no one marks their ball. Talking and moving around on the green when someone is trying to putt. Marking a two foot putt come back putt

  8. blank

    Walking out to look at the next shot and then returning to the cart to get a club. Tske a couple clubs that might be correct to use and get on with it.

  9. blank

    Hitting a “mulligan” from the fairway and then not alerting you intention thereby endangering players who are moving forward. People who think they are the only one playing are unconscious of others who may have been away. Missing your long putt by 6 feet and not marking it – then proceeding to play out of turn when others are clearly away. People who think they wrote the rule book and disregard etiquette, rules and spirit of the game.

    1. blank

      agree with early points but once you start putting you are allowed to putt out

  10. blank

    Big cigar is not really part of golf!

  11. blank

    If you know golfers that are always on the wrong side of behavior give them a copy of “The Golf Rules-Etiquette”! 🏌️‍♂️
    Think Emily Post meets Caddyshack…

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