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The 5 Ball Circle Putting Drill

The 5 Ball circle putting drill refers to a standard placing drill that enables you to build up your putting skills from all angles. This drill helps you improve your skills around the hole and equips you with the ability to build your mental toughness to play well under high pressure.

This technique not only allows you to become a better golfer, but it also enables you to learn better methods of handling pressure at the golf course. Aside from building your mental toughness, you also become physically prepared to face any challenges that come with competitive golfing.


  • Start the drill off at 3 feet away from the hole and work upwards to 4, 5, 6, and so on as you pass each level.
  • Choose 5 locations around the hole in a circle and place tees in the ground to mark the spot.
  • Place one ball at each of the five locations.
  • Be sure to move around the circles trying to make all five balls in a row to complete that level.
  • Then move back to the next distance and repeat.
  • For perfection, repeat these moves several times each time you fail to make the putt.

One thought on “The 5 Ball Circle Putting Drill

  1. blank

    Nice putting drill. However other people who also use the green might be a little ticked at you hogging the green. I cannot remember where I had the green to myself, even one hole for a period of time.

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