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The up and down drill

The up and down drill refers to when you successfully chip the ball onto the green and subsequently make the next shot for a one putt. This drill helps eliminate unnecessary extra shots around and on the green.


  • Select three holes to use for the up and down attempts.
  • Choose the first hole that is just 20 feet away, the second hole should be 40 feet away, and the last hole should be 60 to 80 feet away.
  • Start off by chipping the balls to the short distance hole, followed by the medium distance, and then the furthest hole
  • Make all the three up and down putts in a row.
  • Reverse the procedure by chipping to the furthest hole, then the mid-distance hole, and finally to the closest hole and make all three up and downs in a row.
  • Keep practicing and ensure that you start over every time you fail to make all putts in the correct order.

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