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This guy called his shot, then drained the longest putt ever recorded

Back in September, eight competitors visited Kohler, Wis., to participate in the 2023 World’s Longest Putt Finals. What they didn’t know at the time was that before they left, one of them would sink the longest putt ever recorded.

Their ultimate gathering place, Destination Kohler Resort, is best-known for its Whistling Straits course, host of multiple majors and the 2021 Ryder Cup.

But in addition to the Straits and the celebrated Blackwolf Run course, the resort features The Baths at Blackwolf Run, which consists a 10-hole par-3 course and a two-acre putting course, which is where the world record-breaking moment went down.

According to World’s Longest Putt, the final round of the competition, won by Mike Born, featured a treacherous 401-foot putt over rolling, sloping terrain with too many breaks to count, which was 6 feet longer than the official Guinness World Record for longest putt (non-tournament).

While no one sank a 401-footer during the official event, the competitors hung around afterward to make more attempts. A 401-foot putt is no easy feat, even for World’s Longest Putt competitors. But just as the sun was setting and threatening to end their quest, Jay Stocki set up for one final try, which you can watch in the video below.

After making sure his setup was perfect, Stocki unleashed a mighty whack, nearly taking a divot in the process. Moments after making his stroke, Stocki turned his back from the ball and walked away, uttering with a smile, “Nah, it’s over, that’s in.”

It took more than 10 seconds for Stocki’s ball to reach the hole, enough time for the next competitor to have stepped up to the “tee.” But then came eruption of cheers from down by the hole, signaling that Stocki’s putt had actually dropped.

Check out Stocki’s world record-breaking putt, and the ensuing celebration, in the video below.

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