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Women drive down highway in golf cart after missing Lyft (video)

A viral video shows a golf cart zooming down a highway — after the passengers apparently missed their Lyft ride, footage shows.

The video shared Saturday to Twitter showed a group of five women barreling down the roadway on the woefully ill-equipped vehicle.

“Hey, that’s just way too dangerous! That’s all i’m saying. That’s dangerous!” a motorist, who was behind the camera, could be heard saying.

Two of the women threw up their hands at him as if to say “stop,” but he continued to argue with them.

“You all need to pull over. It’s dangerous,” he said, adding, “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

A woman who said she was the one behind the wheel of the cart later explained why the group resorted to taking the unorthodox vehicle, saying they had missed their Lyft pickup from Bowie, Maryland, to Washington D.C.

“Y’all really think me and my b—hes just gonna ride in the golf cart in the highway,” user @ashiadiorr said in an Instagram story.

“No b—h! We really missed our $32 Lyft ride from Bowie to DC!”

She then reshared the footage to her Instagram page with the caption, “you can only live once you better live it up.”

The footage has been seen more than 948,000 times on Twitter as of Sunday afternoon.

“Brooooo. Somebody call their parents,” wrote the Twitter user who shared the video.

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2 thoughts on “Women drive down highway in golf cart after missing Lyft (video)

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    Robert G East Los Angeles, California

    Of course everyone thinks this is funny, not only did they still the golf cart but how did they expect to return it to the owner? If the police had stopped them, it would have been police persecution forget the safety factor. What could be expected when stupid people think they have the right to break the law (blm) right. This type of action is what they should learn to prevent then be the cause of, respect starts with the individual, when you don’t show any, don’t expect to get any. I hope they were fined heavy and have to report to probation.

  2. blank

    I like how the chick riding shotgun pulls out the pepper spray, just to compound the problem . Stay Classy

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