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4 Ways You are Hurting Your Golf Game

Did you know there are 4 very distinct things that you are doing right now and on the golf course that are hurting your game?  Yep, it’s true.  Here’s the lowdown…

ONE:  You aren’t playing enough golf.  You’re probably thinking, “Um, ya, no sh**!”  But seriously though, if you want to get better then you’re going to have to play more.  By not playing much you lose so much more than just a regular golf outing that you so desperately want.  Playing golf even once a week or once every other week can help you with – your short game, your long game, your strength, your endurance, your ability to read greens, swing muscle memory, and a general know-how to your favorite courses.  Quit making excuses about your game. If you want to improve, play more. Period.

4 Ways You are Hurting Your Golf Game

TWO:  You focus so much energy and time hitting balls at the range with your driver.  Hello, McFly… there are nearly a dozen other clubs in your bag.  Surely you look great hitting long and no one seems too impressed with your 9i but a true golfer will be way more impressed if that 9i you’re hitting is landing in the same spot over and over and over.  Truth be told, who the heck cares what your shots look like on the range anyway?!  No one wins a prize for most shots within 2 feet of the yellow flag unless you’re at a Top Golf… and there isn’t one in Southern California so move your mind elsewhere.

4 Ways You are Hurting Your Golf Game

THREE:  Your clubs are not the right clubs for you.  Okay, money aside, if you could get a proper fitting and test clubs from all makers to find what works best for you (and your swing) and then subsequently buy those clubs then your game would improve drastically!  Reality check – getting fitted for clubs is not all that expensive and there are multiple options for how to go about this.  You can find private club fitters who are WELL worth the money or you can even go to your local sporting good store and hit some clubs for free.  Buying clubs is the tricky part.  Yes, the cost is there but if you’re serious about wanting to improve then start saving OR don’t buy a full set all at once.  Pick some clubs that are most relevant to your game and start there.  Need to improve on your wedges?  Buy a wedge or two.  Could your tee shots improve with a more precise driver that can help you with accuracy and distance?  Buy a new driver.  Most amateur golfers do not use every single club in their bag so don’t focus so much on an entire set.

4 Ways You are Hurting Your Golf Game

FOUR:  You cheat.  Gah, the “c” word is so anti everything golf stands for.  The cardinal rule of golf is don’t cheat.  Said another way, the cornerstone value associated to our beloved game is honesty.  For the love of the game count EVERY SINGLE stroke.  That includes penalties.  You’re literally only hurting yourself by allowing mulligans or not counting strokes that by the rules of golf are meant to be counted.  Here’s what will happen if you cheat… you’re going to come across a playing partner (either a friend or stranger) who is going to call your penalties out.  So after you’ve talked yourself up as someone who “normally shoots in the low 80’s” and you card a 98 you’re going to look mighty stupid.

4 Ways You are Hurting Your Golf Game

There you have it.  Want to improve your game, then read the above and make changes.

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4 thoughts on “4 Ways You are Hurting Your Golf Game

  1. blank

    No doubt these 4 ways are the real culprits behind poor golf game of golfers these days. I personally believe the biggest reason behind poor game is not having proper golf equipment. I you need to play golf at your full potential get yourself the best equipment for that. What say?

  2. blank

    I agree with you. Getting the best golf equipment will surely help in improving a person game for sure. But golf clubs are so expensive these days. I found this site on the internet for cheap golf clubs. But still they are expensive no matter what. Any other way we could purchase golf equipment cheaper?

  3. blank

    On cheating, you are cheating on friends, family and mostly yourself. You never know if you are improving. If you feel the need to cheat stay off the golf course. Do you think if you if you post a 90 your friends or family will believe you. Not likely, if you came into clubhouse with an honest 120 you will get more respect. If you shoot a non- cheating 120, and the next time you posted an honest 117 you are improving. I love the game for its honesty. Have u ever seen a professional game where players call penalty’s on themselves. And do not argue with officials, or get thrown out.

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