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A New Era of Golf Bags: First Look at the GolfPod

Deviating from a century of tradition, Aeroe has introduced a contemporary alternative to the classic golf bag for the well-traveled golfer.

Designed as a functional staple for everyday golf, the GolfPod is a golf bag with a hardshell exterior that transforms into a piece of travel gear for all modes of transportation. With impressive versatility, the GolfPod is lightweight and waterproof for treks by road and includes a built in TSA key lock for aerial journeys.  

Golf travel bag

Plenty of compartments have been designed for organized and easy access to balls, tees, and accessories with additional internal storage for all the bigger golf gear that is necessary for a round.   Smaller than the standard travel bag, the GolfPod effortlessly fits in golf carts and pushcarts during play while remaining compact for traveling. 


With modern and stylish aesthetics and unrivaled features, the astute golfer will ditch the textile bag and upgrade to this essential piece of equipment.

An assortment of GolfPod package options are currently offered exclusively through their Kickstarter page.   Eight different pledge opportunities ranging from the single dollar donation to the $995 customized kit are available and correspond with various reward levels.  The campaign closes on January 25, 2015, and your new GolfPod will tentatively arrive on September 30, 2015 if the minimum required fund effort is met.  

So don’t wait to order your new GolfPod!  Click here to choose your GolfPod package option.  

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