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Amateur golfer posts mesmerizing range session with color targets

Watch as an amateur golfer posts a cool range session using color targets hitting awesome stingers in this Instagram clip.

Range sessions probably don’t get any more mesmerizing than this.

This clip surfaced recently and we just can’t stop watching it on repeat.

The player is faced with several colored targets of blue, yellow, pink, orange, red and green flags.

He’s already an expert in hitting a stinger off a high tee, it seems.

Of course, this is an Instagram clip and so the likelihood this player hit each target back-to-back are relatively slim.

Just how long would it take you to hit each target? Would you even hit one?

PGA Tour player Dylan Frittelli commented that he thought it would take him 24 balls to complete this challenge.

Other comments about how long it would take others to do it included:

“A lifetime”

“10 years, still on the pink”

“What psycho tees up a ball like that”

“Bucket, buck and a half”

“I don’t know what impresses me more, the shot trajectory or the tee height”

“Months, maybe years”


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