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When Is It Okay To Yell “GET IN THE HOLE”?

Thank you Jordan Spieth!  …we have had a few less-than-spectacular finishes as of late and golf fans were eager for something nail biting and exciting.  You delivered!  You actually made yelling, “GET IN THE HOLE” make sense!

It’s become utterly annoying to hear fans yelling “get in the hole” on every GD shot on the course.  Seriously though… someone teeing off on a par 5 is not going to get it in any hole other than maybe a bunker.  So let’s review the simple, yet painfully obvious, times when yelling that phrase is a-okay:

  1. Said golfer is on a green.  There is a HUGE possibility that a putt from anywhere on any green can actually go in the hole.
  2. Said golfer is on the fringe of the green.  A chip or a putt… highly likely it could actually go in the hole.
  3. Said golfer is in a green side bunker.  Less likely but absolutely doable.
  4. Said golfer is within 100 yards of the green.  These guys on the PGA Tour, shit any tour, are really good so you can expect a few to drain in this range.
  5. Said golfer is on the tee box of a par 3.  Yes, a hole-in-one is possible and exciting and we would love nothing more than to see it go in the hole.

Anywhere else on the golf course?  Just please for the love of the game shut your trap and don’t yell the overused slogan.  Find something else and shout that but please please please stop saying “get in the hole” when it makes no complete sense.

Good on you Spieth for finishing in amazing fashion!  Thank you!


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