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Didn’t Get Your Last eRevision from GHIN?

On the 1st and 15th of every single month the GHIN system generates their eRevisions.  This is an email that’s sent containing your updated official Handicap Index.  Whether you’ve had some fantastic rounds or really poor rounds in between those two dates your actual Handicap Index won’t change until the revision is generated.

What happens if you didn’t get that last eRevision?


❶  Check your spam or junk email folder.  If it fell into either of those traps be sure to add [email protected] to your approved sender list and click the button to notate that the email is not spam.

❷  Go direct to look up your Handicap Index by click HERE.  Save this in your browser history.

❸  Contact us and let us know!  We can always manually go into the system and confirm your email address is accurate and regenerate the eRevision emails.


Didn't Get Your Last eRevision from GHIN?


Any questions?  Let us know!  We’re here to help.


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  1. blank

    I renewed my membership on Jan 1 through socal golfer (index 32762) but I never received my card/any additional information from SoCal Golfer. Can you please confirm my index was renewed?

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