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Golf Travel Has Never Been So Easy With Ship Sticks

Whether you’re a regular traveler or looking to book your first golf trip, there is truly no better option than shipping your clubs with [the_ad id=’19687′]. It doesn’t take a million dollar net worth, or a scratch handicap to enjoy an easy specialized courier service. Their service is for you and every other golfer looking to make their golf travel easy and convenient. Every golf club shipment has a team of professionals keeping a close watch on your favorite asset – your golf clubs!

Picture this:

You’ve finally done it. You booked the bucket list golf trip to “fill-in-the-blank” course. You want the full experience of what the course has to offer as you eagerly prep for your trip. You’ve thought about every detail from what the weather might be to what clothes to pack. You’re also thinking about how many extra golf balls you’ll need or if I should bring along a few new clubs to try out. It’s the day of your departure and you’re hauling your luggage and golf bag into the Uber. You’ve arrived at the airport, and dragged all of your belongings to the check-in counter. The nice attendant slaps a sticker on your bag and off it goes into the conveyor belt. Great, you can relax and enjoy the flight. You arrive at your destination and patiently wait at the “oversize” luggage area. One of a few scenarios occurs – You get your bag unharmed and haul it off to the next Uber (grateful, everything is intact and unharmed, but you’re not looking forward to carrying everything from the car to hotel room). You get your bag, but it looks completely rifled through. The head of your driver is broken off at the hosel due to mishandling and tossing from one conveyor belt to the next. You seem to be missing a few items, or your bag never shows.

Hey, it’s not uncommon. Even the Pros, who carry-on both domestic and international flights, have been known to lose their golf bags.


Maybe you decided not to bring your bag and think renting a set at your destination is easier. But it’s not. You’re not enjoying your special trip with your clubs. You’re not experiencing the trip with your friends. If you’re taking a golf trip you should be doing so at the top of your game.

By now you’re familiar with [the_ad id=’19687′] but have you really gotten to know them? They offer a white glove golf club shipping service that sets them apart from other golf couriers.


I’ll make this simple for you:

[the_ad id=’19687′] works with major shipping carriers to offer you the best possible rates. Their rates are up to 60% less than the direct carrier pricing. Don’t believe us? Try doing a price comparison between [the_ad id=’19687′] and a major a carrier and see the value.

Booking shipments is easy with [the_ad id=’19687′]. You’ll be able to monitor where your golf clubs are with their real-time tracker.

Ship Sticks offers a convenient pick-up service for you at any location! Prefer to drop your clubs off instead? No worries. [the_ad id=’19687′] makes it easy for you to do this by providing you with a local drop-off store.


Golf clubs aren’t cheap and [the_ad id=’19687′] knows it. They employ a luxury concierge service attitude with every customer. They monitor your shipment from start to finish and are available for live communication. No hour long hold times and certainly no automated attendants. A live agent is there to help answer any questions and to help manage your shipment.

Speaking of, [the_ad id=’19687′] offers an on-time delivery guarantee. They’re that confident in their capabilities. They also offer complimentary insurance with every shipment to protect your assets. You can always add more insurance as needed.

Not only has [the_ad id=’19687′] perfected the golf delivery service, but you can also send your luggage along. So, maybe you’re not teeing it up a few times a year, and find yourself on the slopes on the offseason. [the_ad id=”19689″], a partner of [the_ad id=’19687′] offers the same service but for your ski gear and luggage. Now, there’s really no excuse to lug your items again!

At SOCAL Golfer, we are all about helping you get the most out of your golf game and that includes your travel beyond our great region. Ship Sticks is by far the best option available and we believe that golf travel has never been so easy.

Simplify the way you travel.  Make it simple. Make it [the_ad id=’19687′].

Learn more by visiting [the_ad id=’19687′]!

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