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Golfing With Your Significant Other = More Golf For You!

It’s almost become a joke to my wife and I… every single time we are together on the golf course we always get the, “I can’t believe you play golf together… and enjoy it?!”  Let me tell you something simple – golfing with your spouse is quite frankly the best thing you haven’t done and I’m here to tell you why.

The punchline – you get to play more golf.

golf tips - golf with your spouse

If you’re a lover of the game then you are always looking for ways to get out and play more.  As much as you enjoy your bro time (or girls time for the lady golfers) at some point your significant other wants to spend time with you too.  Here are some simple reasons why you should start:

Competition is healthy.  Remember back in your early dating days you’d be a the local pub, shooting pool, and you’d make little side bets with one another.  Golf isn’t far off.  Play a skins match and each hole is up for grabs and worth something.  You can get pretty creative!

Exercise boosts endorphins, which in turn lifts your mood, and increases your energy.  Translation… working up a sweat walking the course can boost sex drive.  The cute golf outfits the ladies wear these days don’t hurt either!  Or for the ladies, I’ve been told they find it sexy to see a man all buttoned up in golf apparel.

Make your hobby her hobby.  I’ve had the pleasure of travelling the world with my wife playing golf (Scotland, Hawaii, Mexico, the California Coast… you name it!) because she loves it as much as I do.  We even sit and watch golf together on Sundays.  No remote battle needed.

Even if your significant other isn’t very good at golf you can still have a good time.  Golf offers you a solid 18 holes to catch up minus the ever present cell phones locked to hands or maybe your high energy kiddos.  Your phone is down.  The TV is off.  The kids are being watched.  You’re outside.  You’re together.  This technically counts as a date!  Drop the urge to tip and help and just enjoy the time together.

Jealousy is not an attractive quality… but it is when others see you having a good time golfing with your spouse a lot and they’re battling to get out and play more.

Take my advice, it’s time to start playing more golf with your significant other and find the enjoyment. The more he or she gets into the game with you I promise you’ll find yourself playing more golf.

golf tips - golf with your spouse

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