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Greg Norman reveals the major champ he is continuing to try and lure to LIV Golf

CEO of LIV Golf, Greg Norman, is usually quiet when it comes to LIV’s next target signings, but in a recent interview, he made his intentions clear.

While speaking with Australian Golf Digest, “The Shark” admitted he’s been trying to lure 2021 Masters Champion Hideki Matsuyama to LIV Golf for a few years.

“I’ll give you another example. We’ve been trying to get Hideki Matsuyama (over to LIV Golf). I don’t mind admitting that. When Hideki won (The Genesis Invitational) in LA, what’s the first thing I did? I said, “Congratulations, Hideki. I’m proud of you, mate.”

Norman also mentioned Rory McIlroy, saying that he doesn’t “bring emotion into business”.

“One thing I do is I take emotion out of everything,” Norman said. “I’m very good at that. I don’t bring emotion into business. I don’t bring emotion into anything. If you do, I think that shows the weakness of an individual.

“When Rory missed out on the (2011) Masters when he hit that wayward tee shot on 10, I sent him a message of support afterwards because I felt his pain, and he responded. And if Rory wins this year’s Masters, I’ll say congratulations on achieving the grand slam, right? That’s sport and that’s sportsmanship, and that’s the humility of the game. That’s me. That’s how I would do it.”

LIV Golf is set to play in Jeddah this week, with Anthony Kim expected to make his long awaited return to golf.

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