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How to compress the golf ball

How to compress the golf ball

You will often hear coaches or commentators talk about compressing the ball through impact. But what does that term actually refer to? Well, if you look at the launch monitor data of a top player, most of them with an iron in hand, will hit down on the ball by about 4˚. This downward strike ‘compresses’ the ball through impact creating the ideal launch and spin characteristics for the ideal flight.

Obviously, it’s not necessary to think about the actual degree to which you are hitting down on the ball but it is worth checking your angle of attack to ensure you’re getting the best strike and flight possible. Some players lose the angle in their wrists too soon on the way down – this creates a ‘casting action’ that can cause the club to bottom out too soon. The result is fat and thin strikes and no overall consistency of strike.

Here are two points to show you how to compress the golf ball.

Firstly, at address ensure that your hands are fractionally ahead of the ball. This will encourage the shaft lean we are looking for through impact. Then you need to check the strike itself and a great drill for this is to place a golf towel just behind the ball as I have done here. You are looking to strike the ball a) without touching the towel and b) without taking a huge divot. this will ensure your angle of attack is steep enough without becoming a ‘digging’ action. If you can do this you’ll be compressing the ball through impact for the ideal angle of attack and perfect launch conditions. Hit 20 balls using this drill then take the duster away and try to replicate the same action – you should notice how much the quality of your ball striking improves!

2 thoughts on “How to compress the golf ball

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    Las vegas Duffer Joel

    Thank you for the lesson on compression. As a non handi-capper I have not been able to really understand how to compress consistently but with this lesson perhaps I will develop a good style of compressing the ball, Thank you very much.

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    I prefer the club shaft to be straight not leaning forward but we are close, plus I open the club face slightly to promote a slight draw.

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