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‘I’m not gonna lie, I’m drunk’ – John Daly makes wild SEC Nation appearance

With the return of college football over the weekend, John Daly made an appearance on SEC Nation in Arkansas in preparation for the Razorbacks’ game against Cincinnati.

The two-time major champ joined Marty & McGee, with Daly rolling up in a golf cart with a cigarette and a red cup. When offered a beer by fans, Daly responded: “I got some good sh*t right here.”

Then when it was time for Daly to join the crew and announce the “Hillbilly Headlines,” the 56-year-old brought the house down by declaring: “Well, I’m not gonna lie, I’m drunk.”

Clearly enjoying himself, Daly went on to play beer pong with the hosts and even smashed a drive with Paul Finebaum stepping aside to let Daly show off his power:

“I don’t play golf,” Finebaum said, “nor, am I drunk, so I’m going to watch a guy who is drunk and is a two-time majors champion. It’s either the black ball or the white ball. I’m going to put the black ball, which is Cincinnati, for John to hit … Arkansas wins.”

To cap off the day, Daly’s Razorbacks went on to defeat Cincinnati 31-24, and we’ve no doubt that Wild Thing celebrated in style.

As one user put it on Twitter regarding Daly’s latest appearance: “This man should be protected at all costs. National Treasure.”


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