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LIV Golf confirms latest signing with a new multi-year partnership

The LIV Golf League has announced a multi-year partnership with the largest sports and entertainment collectibles company Panini.

It will see Panini become the exclusive trading card partner for the LIV Golf League.

As the first-ever official trading cards for professional team golf, Panini will develop a new series of products never before introduced to fans.

The partnership also marks Panini’s first entry into golf for trading cards.

LIV Golf chief executive Greg Norman said:

“LIV Golf is thrilled to partner with Panini, a global brand committed to connecting with fans around the world through the love of sport.

“Just as our league continues to innovate and bring professional team golf mainstream, our partnership will introduce new products to the market for millions of passionate fans and collectors to enjoy.

“As a former player, I’m particularly excited for our players and teams as we work with Panini to elevate their platforms in this space.”

Ian Poulter added: “I’ve been an avid collector of different types of sports memorabilia throughout my career, so to have the opportunity to partner with a premium trading card brand is personally very exciting for me.

“While trading cards are often times associated with younger audiences, I think this partnership between LIV and Panini is a great opportunity to bring professional golf level with other pro sporting leagues by creating memorabilia for the kid inside all of us.”


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Panini’s inaugural line of golf products will include physical trading cards featuring match-worn memorabilia and authentic autographs from LIV Golf players.

Panini plans to introduce the first LIV Golf trading cards with its popular Prizm and Impeccable brands.

In addition, Panini will launch a LIV Golf Panini Instant card program where real-time cards will be released after tournaments highlighting some of the winning moments and memorable shots throughout the season as well as LIV Golf Team sets.

Fans are now able to pre-order LIV Golf team card sets at, with additional products to be released in the near future.

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