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Masters Memories – Where Were You When…

1986 was the first time I can honestly remember watching Jack Nicklaus win a green jacket.  I was four years old and it was his sixth Masters win.  Golf has always been a family activity and that included watching as if it were our family’s Sunday worship.  The Masters… a major household holiday.


Masters Memories - Where Were You When...
Ever since I can remember, as a family we watched golf. …and eat my blankie apparently.


Only a few short years later the back-to-back Masters wins of Nick Faldo began my long term golf crush (even with those amazing sweaters he wore).  It could have been that my dad had already started his Faldo obsession two years prior during his visit to Scotland to watch him win The Open at St. Andrews or the fact that we had a West Highland White Terrier dog named Faldo.  Either way, being a seven year old girl and watching Sir Nick win the coveted green jacket two years in row sealed the deal for me.


Masters Memories - Where Were You When...


Fast forward to 1992.  A favorite story my father loves to tell is in that year he recorded (no DVR back then… just a good old fashioned VHS) the Sunday round because he was playing in a club tournament that day as well.  He made me promise not to tell him who won so he could watch.  The internet was still relatively new and there was no Facebook which truly meant that back then spoiler alerts were basically nonexistent… other than, well, me.  Like a good child I watched the tournament even though pops was out on the course.  He came home champion of his tournament and I yell, “Hey dad! I won’t tell you who won but his initials are F and C.”  *Face-palm  


Masters Memories - Where Were You When...


It’s hard to choose a favorite Masters memory but hard to top is the 2015 Jordan Spieth win.  Not because of who won but because of where I was while watching and who I was with.  A short block away from the 1st tee and the 18th hole of one of the most iconic golf courses in the world is a quaint little hotel corner bar.  The walls and ceilings are adorned with photos of golf professionals and the bar owner Sheena because after the pros play a block down this is where they head to unwind.  This bar has been described by the Golf Channel as “one of the best hangouts in the world of golf,” and it’s hard to argue with that.


Masters Memories - Where Were You When...


Sitting around my husband and I were golfers from all over the world.  Pints in hand we watched the Masters in the famous Dunvegan Hotel bar in St. Andrews.  The timing was a bit off considering we were half a world away but we rallied each night to watch.  Short of being in Augusta, this was a pretty epic Masters memory… finishing a round at The Old Course, walking into the Dunvegan for a pint (or two… or three), tossing back some delicious house nachos and chili, and watching my most favorite golf tournament of the year high-fiving Swedes, Germans, Englishmen, Scots, and other Americans after each amazing shot was nothing short of incredible.


Masters Memories - Where Were You When...


Where were you when… Share your favorite Masters memories in the comments below!


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