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Multiple PGA Tour winner slams leadership: “We won’t get $38B from SSG”

Multiple PGA Tour winner Kevin Kisner says the argument not to partner with Saudi Arabia’s PIF is now ‘kaput’ as he slammed the lack of communication on the North American circuit.

Kisner is back in the booth this week at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

The golfer, now 39 years old, took some time away from his duties with NBC/Golf Channel to speak to Golfweek about what’s going on his world and his view of the latest developments in men’s professional golf.


Those developments include the fact the PGA Tour now has significant financial muscle after announcing a $3bn private equity deal with Strategic Sports Group.

Some leading players – such as Jordan Spieth – have suggested the investment now means a deal with LIV Golf’s backers – the Saudi PIF – is not necessary.

If that were to happen, it would likely mean the division in the men’s game would continue.

It has also been put forward that it is dangerous to play chicken with a group of people willing to pick off your top stars, such as Jon Rahm, when the money is inconsequential.

Kisner told the publication he reckons the Tour will not get anywhere near the $3bn announced but approximately half.

He told Adam Schupak:

“What are they going to do with it? I think they’re going to give that $900m to smart guys that know how to run businesses that have done it all their lives and find the value and increase the value of the PGA Tour, and I think they’re going to put themselves in a great position to partner with the PIF and at some point all of us will be back playing golf together. That’s my big crystal ball.”

Kisner was asked if he wants the PIF involved in the deal.

He replied: “I have no problem with it. Saudi Arabia is involved with almost everything in the world.

“That whole argument [not to] is kaput in my opinion. We might as well not get an Amazon package if we don’t want Saudi Arabia involved, right?”

“They always, always, always mess up the communication”

PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan has come under heavy fire throughout golf’s ‘civil war’.

Monahan took a leave of absence from his role owing to the stress and anxiety of announcing a framework agreement with the PIF.

The about-face tour management policy led to a number of leading players, such as Xander Schauffele, calling for his resignation.

Kisner reckons that it’s a tough question whether Monahan should resign or be involved in PGA Tour Enterprises.

He told the publication: “I think that’s what those smart guys are there for. I’ve never run a Fortune 500 company.

“I’m not the guy to tell you who our leader should be. I’ve never had a history with Jay.

“I thought he’s always done what he’s thought was best for the PGA Tour, but I know he’s made lots of mistakes.

“I think the No. 1 mistake on the PGA Tour is communication. They always, always, always mess up the communication, in my opinion.”

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One thought on “Multiple PGA Tour winner slams leadership: “We won’t get $38B from SSG”

  1. blank

    I am so glad that there is an infusion of other cash for the PGA Tour. I for one would hope that the PGA and PIF never comes to agreement. We don’t need sports washing in US golf. The Saudis treat people in an inhuman way and we should never ever forget 9/11. If we get in bed with PIF it will be a slap in the face to those families who lost loved ones. Please Government step up and not allow an agreement with this murderous society.

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