"My favorite golf shot to hit is..."
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“My favorite golf shot to hit is…”

While out playing a round over the weekend I pulled out my 60 degree wedge, turned the face wide open, hit the ball  pure and flopped it over the bunker and within a foot of the hole.  If I could hit a flop shot on every hole I would.  For me… that is my favorite shot in golf.  I trust it, I love the way it looks, and I always get the, “wow, how do you do that?”

So now it’s YOUR turn.  Finish the sentence in the comment section below:  “My favorite golf shot to hit is…”

"My favorite golf shot to hit is..."

13 thoughts on ““My favorite golf shot to hit is…”

  1. I like the bump and run. For whatever reason I find myself in situations that I need it… a lot.

  2. Definitely a nice long par 5 tee shot. I hit the ball far for a woman so I love to see the faces of the guys I’m playing with when I not only out drive them but hit the fairway. 😉

  3. Sounds silly but I like to hit a fairway wood or hybrid from just off the fairway in the first cut of the rough. It’s like a perfectly little grass tee which helps get my ball in the air for my approach to the green.

  4. My favorite golf shot to hit is a lag putt…. especially when you drain it.

  5. Par 4 or par 5 tee shot for sure. I love to hit my driver!

  6. My favorite golf shot to hit is from anywhere on the green.

  7. Favorite shot – a forced left handed, behind a tree, awkward stance, you’re only going to make it if you’re Tiger Woods, challenge of a shot.

  8. I like to hit my driver the most!

  9. Full swing SW/LW approach and pull the string!

  10. My favorite golf shot to hit is an approach from 85 to 100 yards. Full wedge & stick it!

  11. A high fade or a draw with a 7 or an 8 iron around a tree onto a green. I don’t always pull it off, but when I do, oh, what a rush!

  12. ANY putt, but especially those allegedly difficult 6 footers. Downhill fine, left to right OK, right to left OK, uphill OK. Right hand long putter side saddle is great. I swing left, throw right. Why wouldn’t I putt from the right side?

  13. LOVE making a 6′ putt to win the hole. The feeling of watching it about to fall in, at the same time seeing my opponents disappointment… PRICELESS

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