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Paige Spiranac finally found a shirt that made even her feel ‘uncomfortable’ (video)

Paige Spiranac’s latest social media post caused something of a stir over the weekend when the American revealed even she felt “uncomfortable with the amount of skin showing” with her new shirt while on the range. (video below)

“I took one swing and quickly put my jacket back on,” said Spiranac, who has amassed more than 4,000 comments and counting on her latest Instagram post.

As you can imagine, the comments were pretty relentless, but that did not stop Paige from commenting where she saw fit.

“Wore it long enough to post,” said one follower, to which Paige replied: “All for the gram.”

Another follower wrote: “Glad you didn’t wear it for the attention, but then post about it… for the attention.” Paige responded: “Haven’t you read the comments? I’m desperate for attention.”

“We going to the strip club or the golf club,” said another follower, to which Paige replied: “You go to some weird strip clubs if they are on the pole wearing leggings.”

One golfer was more interested in her choice of training drill.

“I’m dumb, so can you explain how the alignment sticks work,” said one fan. Paige replied: “It’s so I don’t have to realign every shot if I’m working on something. I know I’m lined up perfectly so I don’t have to focus on that every shot.”

You can watch the video below.

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