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Patrick Reed throws a golf tee at Rory McIlroy in driving range spat

LIV Golf League player Patrick Reed reportedly lobbed a golf tee at Rory McIlroy in disgust when the Northern Irishman ignored him on the range before the Hero Dubai Desert Classic on the DP World Tour, according to reports.

According to the Irish Independent, there was visible tension between the two players on Tuesday.

Former Masters champion Reed – who joined the breakaway tour last June after resigning his PGA Tour membership – reportedly tried to say hello to McIlroy.

McIlroy, decided to ignore Reed on the range at the Emirates Golf Club before the Hero Dubai Desert Classic.

After this happened Reed is said to have “saluted” McIlroy before walking away with his hand in his pocket.

Reed was then described as throwing a tee in disgust in the direction of McIlroy, according to the report.

McIlroy’s caddie Harry Diamond was also there and is said to have acknowledged Reed without incident.

The pair do have history. The duo were involved in an explosive singles match during the 2016 Ryder Cup.

Reed emerged with a narrow victory after the pair tore up Hazeltine, both holing monster putts and producing golf unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a scintillating encounter.

It is not the first time there has reportedly been a bit of tension on the range owing to LIV Golf.

When the DP World Tour announced sanctions for the LIV players who had teed it up in the inaugural event at Centurion Club, Sergio Garcia reportedly “flew off the handle” before the BMW International in Germany.

Bob MacIntyre was said to be the player that witnessed this alleged outburst. Garcia later denied it happened.

England’s Eddie Pepperell found Rory McIlroy’s apparent snub of Patrick Reed rather amusing.

Pepperell is also at Emirates GC this week for the Hero Dubai Desert Classic on the DP World Tour.

He reacted to the apparent snub with a piece of classic, dry wit. (Check it out below)

HERE’S WHAT McIlroy and Reed had to say about the driving range drama:

Reed said he thought it was funny how a little flick of a golf tee turned into the American “stabbing him”.

Then he described the four-time major champion as an immature child.

Reed told the media:

“Because of the relationship I’ve had with Rory – let’s be honest, we’ve had some great battles at Augusta and other tournaments and our friendships been pretty good up until obviously joining LIV – I walked over there and wished Harry [Diamond, McIlroy’s caddie] Happy New Year and then Rory because it is the first time I have seen them.

“Harry shook my hand and Rory just looked down there and was messing with his Trackman and kind of decided to ignore us. We all know where it came from – being part of LIV.

“Since my tees are Team Aces LIV tees I flicked him one. It was kind of a funny shot back. [It’s] funny how a small little flick has turned into basically me stabbing him and throwing a tee at him.

Reed, continued:

“He saw me and he decided not to not to react.

“It’s unfortunate because we’ve always had a good relationship.

“But it is one of those things – if you’re going to act like an immature little child then you might as well be treated like one.”

Reed is not paired with McIlroy this week. The American has been drawn with Gavin Green and Scott Jamieson while McIlroy is teeing it up with Tommy Fleetwood and Ryan Fox.

Still, Reed would relish the chance of playing with McIlroy.

He added:

“That would be great. I will tell you this much, there probably won’t be much talking. Even if I said hello on the first he won’t say anything. I can just be respectful and as much as a gentleman as I can be. His choice if he doesn’t respond.”

McIlroy told the media:

“I was down by my bag and he came up to me, and I was busy working and sort of doing my practice, and I didn’t really feel like — I didn’t feel the need to acknowledge him.

“So I didn’t see a tee coming my direction at all, but apparently that’s what happened. And if roles were reversed and I’d have of thrown that tee at him, I’d be expecting a lawsuit.”

McIlroy said he didn’t duck and his back was turned to Reed.

He continued:

“Like that’s — I mean, I got a subpoena on Christmas Eve. I mean, I don’t see your — like you can’t pretend like nothing’s happening, right.
“I think that’s the thing. Like why — we are living in reality here. He’s — not, so…”

Tiger Woods has also been hit with subpoena requests by Reed’s attorney. Woods has been accused of deliberately ducking requests.

McIlroy added:

“Yeah, I was subpoenaed by his lawyer on Christmas Eve. So of course, trying to have a nice time with my family and someone shows up on your doorstep and delivers that, you’re not going to take that well.

“So again, I’m living in reality, I don’t know where he’s living. If I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t expect a hello or a handshake.”

McIlroy also confirmed there was “no way” he could make amends with another LIV player, Sergio Garcia.

Garcia reportedly sent McIlroy text messages telling the four-time major champion to “shut up” about LIV Golf.

McIlroy previously explained how he responded with a few daggers of his own.

Watch the video below:

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3 thoughts on “Patrick Reed throws a golf tee at Rory McIlroy in driving range spat

  1. blank

    Former Georgia Bulldog teammate Kevin Kisner said it all when he said none of his teammates would piss on Patrick Reed if he was on fire. He has to be one of the most hated pro golfers of all time.

    1. blank

      And yet he sues the PGA and golf channel for $750 million for ruining his reputation. He ruined it himself with serial cheating.

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    McIlroy must be 1″ tall if that was a throw to him.

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