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Rules: Are you allowed to use a golf club that you have broken in anger?

Have you ever snapped your putter and wondered if you are still allowed to use it on the greens?

Picture the scene: you have just made back-to-back double-bogeys and you are at the brink of tipping over the edge. You come to the next green and you miss a three-footer for par, and it all becomes too much.

You take your putter and as hard as you can, you pull it down and snap it over your knee, much to the hilarity of your playing partners and other golfers on the course.

You now don’t have a putter you can putt with, and you may as well not bother using an iron or a wood because that will prove to be too difficult.

So, according to the Rules of Golf, are you allowed to use the end of the putter that you have just snapped to putt for the rest of your round?

The answer is most certainly, yes. You may have to bend down and hurt your back and it may be an extremely uncomfortable style of playing golf, but you are allowed to play with a club that you have snapped in rage. (video below)

According to golfrules_questions, Rule 4.1 states that you are allowed to play with a damaged club and you can try and repair it, but you are not allowed to replace it with another club.

You feel a little silly and immature when you snap a club. It is not a nice feeling, but at least you have released your anger and you now know that you can still use the club if it is still in a playable state.

But remember, it is important to try and behave in a calm manner on the golf course and behave as well as possible, even if your frustration makes your playing partners chuckle.

Watch the video below:


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