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The Bad Lies Drill

This is one the best short game drills you can complete, although you will need to have access to the right kind of practice area in order to use it properly. Based on the name of the drill, you can probably guess the idea here – you are going to hit a variety of short game shots from as many bad lies as you can find. Of course, that means that you should look for a practice area which offers as many different kinds of lies as possible. For instance, a practice area with slopes, rough, short grass, and sand would be ideal.

Once you find a good practice area for the job, Do the following.

  • Take five golf balls and toss them into the toughest lies you can find.
  • There should be plenty of variety in the lies that you give yourself or this drill, as having to deal with different kinds of lies is exactly what you will need to do out on the course.
  • Spend a few minutes during each of your practice sessions working on chipping and pitching from bad lies and your short game is sure to improve rapidly.

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