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The Ladder Drill – Putting

The Ladder Drill is a common drill used by the pros, and it should be a part of your practice routine as well. Do it regularly and you’ll develop the feel needed to hit a putt an extra foot when necessary or to take just enough off a downhill putt to prevent the ball from racing past the cup.

  • Place a tee in the ground at 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, and 40 feet away.
  • The purpose of this drill is to control the distance you hit each putt.

  • This drill begins by hitting a putt to the first tee, which is 10 feet away followed by a 20 footer, 30 footer, and 40 footer trying to get the ball to stop as close to each tee as possible.
  • Now it’s time to theoretically close the ladder. From the first tee, hit a 30 foot putt, followed by a 20 foot putt, followed by a 10 foot putt to the final tee. Now you have successfully opened and closed the ladder.
  • The next step is to repeat this drill from the opposite direction.

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