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Vice Golf Review – Altering the Golf Ball Game

How do you choose which golf ball to play with?  No really… how?  Do you go with what ball your favorite pro is playing?  Do you simply grab whatever is on sale at the pro shop before your round?  Is it the one that you played with that helped produce a good round?  Or are you playing with one of the many balls you’ve fished out of the lake to save a little cash?  Golf balls are expensive.  Admit it… you’ve gone to great lengths to get that Pro V1 back from the shank you left deep in the lake, woods, desert, you name it!

What if you could get a top quality golf ball but at a price that makes sense?  The guys over at Vice Golf are altering the golf ball game and are not only doing it in a more economical way but are doing it with style!

Vice Golf Review

Product Details

  • Seven different golf ball models – Pro, Pro Plus, Pro Neon, Pro Flamingo, Pro Shooter, Tour, and Drive
  • Materials – Santoprene and ABS (basically a combo of a rubber and a thermoplastic)
  • Color options – White, Neon Yellow, Pink/Golf Sparkle, and White
  • 2, 3, or 4 piece build – Defining how the ball is made and how many layers it is made up of
  • Personalization options available – logo, text, or picture
  • Gloves & Caps available
  • Available for purchase online only (flat rate shipping to U.S. for $6.99)
  • Coming to you from Germany

Vice Golf Review


Here’s the deal… the golf ball industry is somewhat tame, old school, and traditional.  Vice has chosen to throw a little swagger into the branding and image of their company which definitely sets them apart from the competition.  Their packaging is smart, eye catching, and clever.  Just opening a box of their Pro Neon you’re greeted with the big kahuna of the animal kingdom.  He’s staring you down and almost taunting you like, “listen… in this box is something you’ve never seen.  Try it.  I dare you.”Vice Golf Review  You’re not opening a standard mainstream sleeve of golf balls, you’re opening an alternative approach to the golf ball game and they want you to know that.  When opening the Selected box you’re met with power images – lions, tigers, volcanoes, and Mt. Everest oh my!  Just handling each golf ball they feel legit.  If in a blind line up of the top selling balls and Vice balls you’d never know the difference which is why I asked the original question of how do you select a golf ball.  I truly believe most people go specifically by who has the best marketing so I think Vice has taken a smart approach from that perspective.


Okay, we get that the image of Vice Golf is on point but what about the actual ball itself and how it does compared to your (current) favorite ball?  There’s no better way to test a golf ball then getting out on the course and playing with it.  We could take them to the simulator all day long but that doesn’t necessarily equate to a round outside… Vice Golf Reviewwe want wind, we want weather, we want grass, we want the most realistic experience.  We took a couple of each of the ball options out for a few rounds and found ourselves each honing in on which one works best with our skill level.  I personally landed on the Pro version and my playing partner found he preferred the Pro Plus.  I found that the Pro ball had excellent flight, felt smooth at connection, good roll, and stuck to greens well.  Off the tee the ball seemed to get top distance and held true to my normal game experience.  I was hoping this was the case.  Honestly, my expectations were to have a similar (if not identical) experience to my normal game proving that you don’t need to spend top dollar on golf balls simply because it’s what the industry giants tell you to buy.  The guys at Vice have engineered a line of golf balls that can compete with the top brands and challenge the status quo on price.


I find it really hard to believe that the average golfer truly knows the difference between various golf ball models and end up playing with whatever is the hot ball on tour or what happened to help them play a good round.  Either way, golfers can agree that price point is always a thought.  Vice Golf has skipped the middle man by selling directly online only which saves on the markup by pro shops and golf retail stores and keeps a little extra cash in your pocket.

In my humble opinion, if I can produce similar results with a Vice Golf ball and a Pro V1 then there is no point in spending the extra cash to get the well known name… Vice Golf isn’t far behind at becoming a household name itself.  I promise you that!

For more information click HERE.

MSRP:  1 Doz for $34.95 (discounts for more boxes)

To buy now click HERE.

Vice Golf Review

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