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WATCH: Golfer waits 10 minutes for green to clear… And then this happens!

You have to admire the club twirl though.

We’ve all been there. That moment when you wait 10 minutes for the green to clear on a par 5 having crushed your drive down the middle of the fairway.

You are in form, feeling it and confident of a birdie and at worst a par. You might even be lining up for an eagle putt all going well. You are just so certain you are going to find the dancefloor in two shots.

“Nah it’s cool I’ll wait, you guys lay up if you want,” you will say.

Once the group ahead putts out and walks onto the next box, you step in and fire away.

Only it all goes Pete Tong from there.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to viral golf trick shot artist Garrett Clark recently.

It’s fair to say we have all done this before… certainly in my case more often than I care to remember.

“At least my club twirl was solid,” says Garrett.



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