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WATCH: The wild ‘anchoring’ putting stroke a tour player is doing

Golf fans got into a lively debate after the DP World Tour posted a clip of a player with a wild putting technique.

A player on the DP World Tour may have demonstrated one of the wildest putting techniques ever seen, but it turns out it was inspired by former Ryder Cup Europe captain Thomas Bjorn.

Sven Maurits, a 35-year-old from the Netherlands, is playing in the DP World Tour’s KLM Open this week after getting in under one of the national spots.

It’s his first start on the European-based circuit this year, and he shot a 1-over par 73 during Thursday’s first round at Bernardus Golf in Cromvoirt, Netherlands.

But it was what happened on the 17th hole that caught the attention of golf viewers, and subsequently confused golf fans online.

The DP World Tour posted a clip of Maurits’ putting stroke, which was unusual, to say the least.

Maurits, the 2188 ranked player in the world, first gripped the putter with his left hand. His right arm is then bent 90 degrees, with that hand resting on his left arm.

The top of the putter shaft was then resting on the wrist of his right arm.


After the round, Maurits revealed that his unusual technique was actually inspired by Thomas Bjorn.

He told the DP World Tour:

“I’ve been using this grip for four years now.

“Actually I saw Thomas Bjørn doing it, and I was still struggling with the yips so I tried everything possible.

“I was playing with some guys and I said ‘Did you see him on the TV putting?’ So I was imitating it and they went in all the time so I kept the grip.

“It was better so it doesn’t matter how it looks. If it works, it works.”

However, some online golf fans felt that Maurits’ putting stroke was too similar to that of anchoring, which has resulted in players like Bernhard Langer being accused of “cheating” in the past.

Here are some of the comments from the Maurits video posted by the DP World Tour:

“That’s getting banned.”

“If I try this out on the putting green they’d probably kick me off the course.”

“Surely this is anchoring?!”

“This is anchoring innovation.”

“Is that legal? surely that would class as anchoring?”

“That has to be considered anchoring the club!”

“If that’s not anchoring nothing is”

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1 thoughts on “WATCH: The wild ‘anchoring’ putting stroke a tour player is doing

  1. blank

    How is that anchoring? He doesn’t have it resting on his body, only his arm. And you can anchor the putter on your arm, just not your body. Putting is hard enough, I don’t see anything wrong with this. They only banned anchoring when Adam Scott won the Masters. How dare he. Well, people will try anything to get that little ball into the hole.

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