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Who Needs a Handicap Index? You Do!

Why do you play golf?  You love to be outdoors, you love the challenge, you love the competition, you just love the game?  No matter what your reason is there is always the underlying desire to get better.  Right?   I’m fairly certain there is absolutely no one on the planet who golfs with a goal of getting worse… and if he or she does exist then I’m sorry but you’re riding solo.

Unless you play the exact same course every time you play and tee off from the same tee boxes every single round then it’s pretty tough to track your progress.  That’s why we at SOCAL Golfer believe everyone should have a golf Handicap Index!  Not only will it track your game but it will allow you to play a fair match with golfers of all skill levels.

In its most basic form a golf handicap is one of two things: a way to track your progress and a system to create equitable play.

Here is a closer look at some reasons why every golfer needs a Handicap Index:

  1. Tracking your score (including penalty strokes!) is the best indicator of where your game is at.  Track your score, post your score, give yourself a goal.
  2. Want to play in charity golf tournaments or competitive tournaments?  You’ll need a Handicap Index.
  3. Keeping up with your scratch golfer buddy (who by the way tracks his score religiously) can be daunting but if you play a round and compete from a “net” perspective you could walk away the winner!
  4. Spouse frustrated with always losing to you (or vice versa)?  A golf Handicap Index can level the playing field just like I mentioned in #3 above.
  5. You’re allowed to track even a 9 hole round.  Don’t have time for a full 18 …no worries!
  6. Have the desire to make a trip to golf mecca and play the likes of St. Andrews Old Course?  …guess what? They require your handicap index and proof of affiliation to your club.
  7. Virtually every regulation golf course is eligible for score posting.
  8. It’s easy.  Yes.  Finish your round and login from your mobile device and post your score.  No excuses.
  9. You can’t honestly know how well your game is without tracking it and the golf Handicap Index system is the best way to follow your progression.
Golf’s handicap system is the great equalizer. Father, daughter, sister, mother, grandfather, friend, competitor… it’s the only way to ensure equitable play. No other sport or game has a system that even comes close.

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