15 Minutes to Cleaner Golf Clubs
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15 Minutes to Cleaner Golf Clubs

The couple of bucks you give the cart barn guys after your round to wipe down your clubs is always a good thing to do… but let’s get serious for a second.  Your clubs are dirty.   If you were to take out a fine pick and really get into the grooves of your clubs you may be able to find sand from at least four different golf courses in there.  So here’s the deal… I’m going to show you a quick 15 minute routine you can use to get those clubs clean.

The more clean, the more bite.  The more effective, the better your game.

15 Minutes to Cleaner Golf Clubs


Grab a bucket, some dish soap, an old toothbrush, and a towel.  If you don’t have these items run over to your local grocery or convenience store and pick them up.

*Important note – do not use your toothbrush you brush your own teeth with.  That’s just nasty. 

Here we go…

Location – Your backyard, patio, garage, bathtub, or shower are great locations to clean your clubs.  You’ll need to be near some type of water though so your bathroom faucet is a good one or a hose outside.

4 seconds – Squirt some of the dish soap into the bucket.

7 seconds – Warm up the water in the sink.  You’ll want it a nice balance between luke warm and hot.  Warm is the key.

34 seconds – Fill your bucket with the warm water.  It doesn’t have to be full to the brim but will only really need enough to ensure the head of your golf club is submerged.  Be sure to swish the water around enough so it gets good and bubbly.

15 Minutes to Cleaner Golf Clubs

3 minutes – Put all of your irons into the bucket.  You’ll want them to get a good soak so that all of the grime and months old dirt can loosen up and be ready to be rid of the grooves.

7 minutes – One at a time start cleaning out the grooves of each of your irons.  The toothbrush is a great option because it’s soft.  Wire-bristled brushes aren’t a good idea.  Stick to a soft brush.  Clean the top and bottom of the club head as well.  All of your irons should really only take a good 7 minutes total simply because the earlier soak can really get the debris and dirt soft and set for cleaning.

15 Minutes to Cleaner Golf Clubs

1 minute – A quick rinse in some fresh non-bubbly water (hence the hose or or bathroom faucet) to clean the soap off.

1 minute – Grab your towel and dry off each club ensuring that the entirety of the club (shaft and grip) are dry.

15 Minutes to Cleaner Golf Clubs

2 minutes and 15 seconds – Next take your woods and hybrids and only dip in the sudsy water (don’t soak).  Use the same soft bristled toothbrush to do a quick cleaning of the grooves.  These clubs don’t take a beating in the dirt like your irons so they shouldn’t be as dirty.  Wipe down with the towel to ensure they’re nice and dry.


…and wah lah.  Clean clubs!  Only 15 minutes out of your life and I promise you’ll have more control over your golf ball!

Try it!

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