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18 with the Latest Styles from Devereux

Adopting a sophisticated and avant-garde approach to golf apparel, Devereux has become a go-to brand for those who appreciate a tailored and polished design. Paying homage to the Golden Era of golf, Devereux artfully executes the combination of preserving the integrity of classic aesthetics while tastefully incorporating a contemporary twist to achieve a versatile, fashion-meets-function collection . With a visionary’s sense of style and well-thought out design, Robert Brunner, Co-Founder and Creative Director, has transformed Devereux into a competitive brand that is challenging the existing landscape of fashion while seamlessly integrating freshness into the current marketplace.

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Contextualizing the product is crucial to our review, so we sent our fashion connoisseur to the golf course adorned in the William shirt and Prescott pant from the Devereux Fall 2014 Collection. He delivered his opinions about his ensemble as well as any noteworthy thoughts straight from the course. We hand selected a few of our favorite entries:

Hole 1
-First tee shot was great
-Initial thoughts about the shirt: Great range of motion, comfortable, and fits really well. Like the aesthetics of the William shirt: white polo with 2 evergreen stripes with an angular front pocket
– creative twist on a polo
-3 putted for bogey

Hole 5
-Mid-morning and it’s definitely warming up
-Like how the shirt is breathable and adaptable to the weather

Hole 8
-Dreaded bunker shot
-Barely hit it out but ended up a decent approach shot
-Recovered well and ended up with par!

Hole 12
-The pants feel great during swing
– Narrow fit, definitely functionally friendly
-Doesn’t restrict

Hole 15
-Hit a bad tee shot in front of a group, but received a compliment on my shirt. That counts as something, right?!?

Hole 18
-Good round, wish I could have finished stronger, but it was great weather.
– Still am looking fresh enough to go into the clubhouse

From the above commentary, we compiled some final thoughts about Devereux. The pieces had the feel of quality wrapped in the ease of performance as high-end, functioning golf apparel. In addition, the outfit transitioned well to post-golf activities, maintaining a fresh and tailored look that was, for the most part, wrinkle resistant. Consistent with it’s branding, Devereux is cohesive thematically in performance, value, and style that transcends the seasonal trends. In doing so, Brunner has conclusively created a brand that is a dynamic addition to any golfer’s repertoire.

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