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Simple & Effective Bungee Club Training Aid

Focusing on three critical swing fundamentals – connection, extension, and impact position, the BungeeClub primes you to consistently hit the ball further and straighter.

As point of impact is the crucial moment in your swing, it is imperative to learn the proper mechanics for the ideal positioning of your club, arms, and body at point of contact. PGA Pro Robert Lowry, who endorses the BungeeClub, says, “I’m always on the search for golf training aids that give my students the feel of what position I’m trying to get them to at impact. With BungeeClub, I really saw the difference.”

Throughout the sequence of your swing, the BungeeClub improves and develops the critical fundamentals by keeping your hands and arms moving at the same rate as your body to promote great connection, widening your swing plane for a bigger arc with extension, and enabling you to “trap” the ball by better positioning your clubface for ideal contact at impact position. When combined, these key elements transform your golf swing by adding distance, consistently producing solid shots, and ultimately lowering your scores.

Available at, the BungeeClub is available in men, women/teen, and juniors sizes in blue, orange, red, and yellow with either regular or trainer grips and retails between $69 and $79.

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