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2017 SCGA Memberships – Clarifying the Options

So you want to join or renew your SCGA membership for 2017… but there are some new options for membership type and it’s all a bit confusing.  Well, in order to help clarify some of the new options let us give you a quick rundown.  Here’s the simple – all membership options share the same SCGA member benefits (USGA GHIN Handicap Index, Member Outings, Tournaments, etc. – click here to see more).  Each membership option then comes with additional benefits special to each club.


Option 1 – eClub Membership

  • SOCAL Golfer is considered an eClub membership.
  • The SCGA is transitioning away from eClubs into a new category called an Associate Member (see below) but there are still a few of us eClubs still around and able to operate.  Why?  Because we know that some golfers like the ease of an online club versus a green grass style of club.
  • eClubs are open to all ages, genders, and skill levels.
  • Not a Southern California resident but spend time down here throughout the year?  An SCGA eClub is a great option for you!
  • A Southern California resident but not interested in being tied to one single golf course?  Again, this is a great option for you!
  • If you like the ability to be an SCGA member, not have to worry about any of the fine details with USGA compliance, like the ability to take advantage of deals at courses all over Southern California and like being in the digital age then this is your type of membership.
  • Cost – $49 for new members / $45 for renewing members (with special coupon code sent to your email inbox) and you can sign up in one location – CLICK HERE.


Option 2 – Associate Membership

  • This is a new form of the original eClub concept but now means you are an eClub member of one set golf course or golf club.
  • To join as an Associate Member you can either select your club/course or be placed in one based on your home location.
  • Not all clubs accept all golfers.  Why?  Some are men’s only clubs.  Some are ladies only clubs.
  • Do you only play one golf course and don’t want to play any other courses so you’d prefer benefits to that one course?  This is the membership for you!
  • Associate Members will enjoy benefits on discounted tee times to their associated course and will be able to hand off all USGA compliance duties to their club.
  • Cost – $60 (if you go to the main SCGA join page) or $50 (if you find the choice to join via the SCGA eClub join page)


Option 3 – Form Your Own Club Membership

  • This option has been around forever but hasn’t been promoted much.  Why?  Because there are already numerous other club options you can join.
  • To set up your own club you only need a minimum of 10 members to join.
  • Do you like making the rules of the club?  Then this is a great option for you and your golfing friends.
  • Keep in mind that if you do start your own club you are now responsible for handling all USGA compliance items which includes establishing a Handicap Chair (must get Handicap Certified), Handicap Committee (meets quarterly and monitors the Handicap Indexes and trends of your club), etc.
  • Starting your own club can allow you the opportunity to seek out the kinds of benefits only you and your members will enjoy and you can be as exclusive or inclusive as you want to new members.
  • Cost – $36 to start and you get to determine the cost of membership for new golfers.


Option 4 – Full Membership

  • This is the granddaddy of all SCGA memberships and tends to be mainly green grass locations (think the truest of form country club).
  • To join as a full member you can do so through the online system on the SCGA’s website but I’d first highly encourage you to go visit the club, get to know the employees, members, course, and other amenities.
  • Do you live at a country club or near a golf course that has a full membership option?  This is a great option for you.  You’ll be seeing your fellow members all the time and have the opportunity to get to know them and play with them constantly.
  • Full Members of green grass locations tend to have the most play-together opportunities, social golf outings, and tournaments.
  • Cost – Varies depending on club and most aren’t set up for online registration yet so you’ll have to get in touch with them direct to learn more.


If you still need help with clarification feel free to give us a call or email to the below.  We are available and ready to help!

Membership Director – (619) 972-2145 or [email protected]


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