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2018 Golf Goals

You’ve made your golf holiday wish list… now it’s time to make your 2018 golf bucket list!  THIS is the year that you are going to take that dream trip so here are some simple tips to help make that happen:

Whatever course it is, it’s going to be expensive.  Right?  Factor in travel, accommodations, food and drink, appropriate attire, must-have extras such as a caddie, and of course… the tee time.  Budgeting and planning are going to play a key factor on how you can get to your dream course but life is short and it’s time to start living!

  1. MAKE A PLAN: Where are you going and when is the best time to go?  When travelling to a prime golfing destination take a look at what is called the “shoulder” season.  This hinges on the beginning and end of prime months.  I stress this because hotels and flights are less expensive and the course is most likely not as busy.  This will help you get a prime flight and a prime tee time.  Do a little research online or simply call the course directly to ask for help in identifying the “shoulder” season.  Remember, you might not have the best weather but you can always dress for the occasion.
  1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Some golfing destinations may require a travel agency.  Yes, sounds old school but it’s true.  Others may be easy to plan all by yourself and you may end up getting a better deal.  Wherever you are going find out what is the best way to get a tee time and what to expect.  Also look for other fun activities while you’re there or other courses in the area to play too.  There are several online research tools you can use.  Google is your friend!
  1. SET A DATE: By giving yourself a specific date you now have your goal well within your sight.  Whether it’s in six months or two years, so what?!  You have a goal!

  1. DETERMINE A BUDGET: You need to fully understand how much this trip is going to cost you so you can be prepared.  You’ll also want to determine when costs are going to hit.  For example, you’ll most likely pay for your plane ticket first but the hotel won’t be charged until you actually get there.  Or, maybe you have to pay a percentage of your travel agency trip by a certain date and the remainder by another date.
  1. SAVE SAVE SAVE: There are several ways to save extra money to travel and here are my top handful:Write down your current budget… where can you make cuts?
  • Set up a savings account at your local bank and then have your employer direct deposit a portion of your paycheck there. Don’t touch that cash!
  • Pick up a part time job. This is for your dream trip… it’s worth it!
  • Change your lifestyle… like to go out with your buddies Friday and Saturdays for beers? How about just one night instead? Like to go shopping for new clothes, skip the weekly trip.
  • Your daily coffee shop visit… skip it! Make your coffee at home and skip the extra cost (or whatever that daily habit cost is for you, same thing).
  • Junk around your house you can sell? Get rid of it and clean up your house in the process.
  • Like to eat out a lot? Try the grocery store and cooking at home.  SO MUCH CHEAPER! …and healthier too!
  • If you need extra gear for your trip look for discount sites! There are a ton!
  1. TALK ABOUT IT: The more public you are about your trip the more you’ll be committed.  Post about it on social media and ask for tips if anyone has been.  Add a weekly calendar reminder (this will help with spending/saving).  Get a friend to go on the trip with you!  For holidays, encourage family or friends to get you something related to the trip whether it be a donation or gear.  Just keep it fresh in your mind.  You should be excited that you are about to embark on an adventure that has been at the top of your golf bucket list… your where should I play before I die golfing bucket list.

Life is short!  Make it happen!

Cheers to 2018!

Comment and let us know where you want to go and any questions you might have so we can help!


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