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3 Tips To Keep Your 2018 Golf Resolutions



One week down and already feeling like you can’t hang onto your 2018 golf resolutions?  Fear not!  Try some of these tips and we promise you that at least one of your goals will happen!


Tip 1:  If lowering your putt count was on your to-do list but can’t find the time to get to the course or the weather hasn’t been cooperating then take it indoors.  You don’t need a putting mat or anything fancy.  Grab a coffee mug (or even a long sock you can fold into a U-shape) and practice in your living room.  Do 10 putts every night before you go to bed and watch your putt count drop!


Tip 2:  Looking to add yardage to your drives but the driving range plans you had for after work are hitting the back burner because work is getting in the way?  Practice swings even without a golf ball can help improve your overall strength.  Find an open space – your living room, garage, parking garage at work, backyard, or kitchen and take 50-100 swings daily.  You don’t need a golf ball at all!


Tip 3: We all want to play more and that’s on our resolution but money can sometimes be an issue.  Don’t give up.  Instead of that coffee you oh so love on the way to work from your local Starbucks, drop that $5 into a side pocket and tag it “golf only”.  If you’re a daily coffee drink you’d save $100 and that’s a nice tee time somewhere once a month or two rounds at a lower greens fee location.


You got this!!



3 thoughts on “3 Tips To Keep Your 2018 Golf Resolutions

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    Like the article’s tips, change fours to threes

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    Like Ken, I couldn’t find the 4th tip.

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    You should mention also you have to work on your flexibilty to improve your swing and avoid getting hurt ,it just takes 10 mn or so per day .

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