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3 Great Putting Drills You Can Do At Home

Putting is often seen as the Achilles heel to many amateur golfers. Long tee shots may come easy but completing a hole with a killer short game isn’t always second nature.

Too often, golfers skip working on their putting in favor of practicing their drive.


It can be a costly mistake as missing a two-foot putt could be the difference between lowering your handicap and staying at the same number.

You don’t have to go to a golf course or putting green to practice your putting.

The great thing about all three of these drills is they can be done inside your home.

So, no matter what the weather is outside or the time of day, you can work on your putting and improve your short game.

Putting drills – PVC pipe putting

The first drill is a difficult one, but if it is done correctly, you will be putting the ball straight each time you make contact.

Firstly, you will need a round piece of PVC pipe cut slightly longer than the putter face.

The PVC pipe will act like your golf ball, so just pretend you are lining up to take a normal putt.

As you practice, be sure to go through the same routine you normally would. Get the same stance and positioning as if you were on the 18th hole at Augusta National.

Once in position, putt the PVC pipe just like you would a golf ball.

If both the heel and toe of your putter hit the PVC pipe at the same time, the pipe will roll straight.

However, if one part of the club’s face makes contact before the other, the pipe will go sideways.

You can adjust your putting based on the results.

If the pipe goes counterclockwise, then the toe of the putter made contact first.

If the pipe spins clockwise, then the heel hit it first. This is a great drill to practice putting straight and getting your putter’s face lined up correctly.

Putting drills – Putting down the yardstick

The second drill is also all about getting your putts to go straight. Place a metal yardstick on to the ground.

Next, take a golf ball and place it on one end of the yardstick.

Now, set up as normal for a putt. When you hit the ball, it should roll down the yardstick.

The idea is to get the ball to roll straight all the way down the yardstick to the end.

If the ball rolls off to the right (assuming you are a right-handed golfer) then you have an open face when putting.
If the ball rolls off to the left, your face is slightly closed.

If you can get the ball to roll all the way to the end of the yardstick, then you are hitting it squarely with the face of the putter.

Putting drills – Putting a poker chip

Many amateur players struggle with getting the depth of the putt correct.

Making contact with the center of the putter’s face is the main objective with putting.

However, if your depth isn’t right, then you may hit it with the bottom of the face.

Golfers who swing up when putting will typically catch the ball with the bottom of the club.

The distance the ball travels is then inconsistent. So, how do you correct your swing depth?

By using the poker chip drill, you will correct your putting depth problems.

Simply place a poker chip on the ground (this drill can be done easily in your living room) and putt as normal.

Due to the poker chip being low to the ground, it can help you find the bottom of your arc when you make contact.

These simple putting drills can be done at home.

The three putting drills can be completed even if you space is limited. Stick with them, and you will see the results on the green.

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    Great post! Pretty cold out here on the East Coast so this is always good to keep the game sharp when you can’t get outside and play.

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    Love them

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