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3 Tips for Winning a Scramble

The scramble is one of the most popular formats for large golf events or charity tournaments.  It’s fun, it keeps the field moving swiftly, and gives everyone a pretty fair shot at winning.

We’ve compiled our list of three of the best tips you can use to win your next scramble.

TIP 1:  Find a woman to player in your foursome… especially one who hits a long ball.  Ladies, no matter what their handicap or what their driving distance, can take advantage of the forward tees thanks to the rules of golf.  By having a woman who can hit a long ball from the tee you’re giving your team an easy 10-65 yard advantage on every hole.  The forward tees plus a long ball gets you that much closer to a lower score.

TIP 2:  Lie is everything.  When choosing which ball to hit during your approach shots, although hard to do, ignore which is closest to the whole.  Instead, choose the ball with the best lie and view to the hole.  Getting to the green in the least amount of strokes is key in a scramble and hitting from the rough under the tree on the right might be a solid 20 yards closer to the hole but the ball square in the fairway gives you the best advantage to landing the ball close to the hole from a nice clean swing.

TIP 3:  Worst player at putting goes first.  Throw your egos aside and save the best putter for last on EVERY SINGLE GREEN.  A few reasons why… first and foremost if the first three miss you’ve at least provided a really good look and line to the better putter.  Secondly, if the first putter happens to make the putt it’ll really pump him or her up and keep the team riding on a high.

What other tips have you used that have worked launch you to the top of the leaderboard?

2 thoughts on “3 Tips for Winning a Scramble

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    Always use the straightest driver of the ball first. Get the ball in play and then the big dogs rip for the fences. On long par 5s, have someone lay up to a nice number and then have the others go for the green.

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    I used to be the ace in a lot of charity tournaments at a 2 hdcp. Do not always take the closest ball to the green. It is easier to take a fuller swing(75 yards) at a shot than to try to hit a “cute”(40 yard) little half swing shot which results in chili dips and skull shots with even mid handicappers.

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