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How to Add Swagger to Your Golf Game

There’s something to be said about the greats of golf and the swagger they had.  I’m talking the Arnie, Jack, and Sir Nick type of swagger… and of course the Tiger, Jordan, Rickie, and Justin type of swagger.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an 18 handicap or a 2, there’s something to be said about adding some swagger to your golf game which just kind of kicks it up a notch… and can lower your scores.

Need a few dashes of golf swagger?  Here’s some tips you can easily use without going overboard and coming across as cocky.

  • Shoulders back. Walk like you own the round. Be the first to the green.
  • If you’re in the cart, you’re the driver.  No passenger seat for you.
  • Head-to-toe sharpness in the way you dress in either today’s best or in a throwback classic.  “Act as if” isn’t just a saying… dress as if you’re in the final pairing of the US Open or you’re playing a casual round with Arnie and Jack.
  • Bring only two golf balls.  You won’t need a full sleeve. Own your round.
  • Bust out that novelty head cover… the mascot of your golf style a la’ Tiger and his tiger.
  • Manage one full round with only one tee.  Do it. I dare you.
  • Bring your bluetooth speaker and get your soundtrack going.
  • Fist pump when it’s well deserved… like sinking your second 40 footer.
  • Tip the staff at the course well, not just with some loose change you’ve found in your bag.

What other swagger tips can you add?

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