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A Better Swing With 3 Easy Golf Swing Drills

If you’re like most golfers, instead of practicing drills over and over, you’d prefer a quick tip or a piece of advice that would have an instant impact on your scores. But golf swing drills are well worth the time you put in. Here are some simple ones that can help you step up your game.

Golf Swing Drills

Aim Drill

Lining up correctly is a problem for players who only get out on the course once or twice a month. But having the correct alignment will eliminate or reduce slices and hooks, and make the game more enjoyable.

  • You will need two separate clubs and one golf ball.
  • Drop the ball at your feet and take a normal stance.
  • Place the second club in line with the tips of your shoes.
  • Take a step back and see if the club on the ground is pointed directly at your target. Adjust the club to line up with the target and retake your stance.

This drill will help you develop a better understanding of where you’re actually aiming and where you need to hit the ball. Over time, your eyes and brain will match up and have you aiming properly at your target.

High Dime

If you tend to hit the ball fat, place a dime on the practice tee and start with a pitching wedge.

  • Take your normal swing and try to hit the dime in the air.
  • The higher the coin goes, the better contact you’re making with the club face.

Practicing with an object smaller than a golf ball will increase your confidence when you’re actually standing over the ball. Try this drill with each iron in your bag. Over time, you will become much better at making solid contact.

Delay Drill

Most average golfers hit a big slice or hook, usually caused by their bodies moving faster or slower than their swing.

  • Take your normal stance and begin the swing.
  • At the top of the swing, stop, count to three and then finish. This allows your body and swing to connect and move together.

This drill is difficult at first—but with some practice, you will hit the ball farther and straighter than before.

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